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Welcome to the website of Michael Atherton, where you can find information about his books and keep up to date with upcoming events. 


Michael Atherton
Theres no doubt it's been a blast. 
Every single sale, every single reader and every single book has made me glow with pride.
All good things though, they come to an end and my time is done.
There will be one more book and you my friend can have it for free. It'll be ready and on amazon next year.
Thank you one and all, just for giving me the chance. 
Take care and God bless them all.
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'The Long Shot'

The Sequel

The Sequel

The story continues

The Prequel

The Prequel

The end is just the beginning

A New Beginning

A New Beginning

Due for Launch in Sept 18



About Mike

Mike Atherton is an exciting best selling author living in Doncaster in South Yorkshire. 

He grew up in a household full of military history with various members of  his family having served in the British Army. Mike followed in the family footsteps and joined the army as a trainee nurse.


Having served a long and eventful career in the army, he eventually retired from the service in 2004. 


Mike enjoyed considerable success with this first novel, 'The Long Shot'. Following the lives of two unlikely allies in World War One. 


From this there was a great deal of demand for a sequel “A Shot From The Shadows” Which was launched in March 2016.

The final chapter in the trilogy "An Echo In Time" was launched  in early 2018 and sits nicely as a prequel  to "The Long Shot" and  completes the circle.

Now there is a change in direction with his new novel 'Dust In the Blood' The story of a coal mine collapse and the men involved. Tense and emotional this book explores the heart felt bond between men in the pit. 

Today sees the launch of the latest novel 'Lochnagar Zero Hour' The story of ordinary men doing extraordinary things in a war full of hero's and men just trying to stay alive.

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