Michael Atherton

Mike Atherton is a retired army nurse but has now become an established author living in the idyllic countryside with his wife and dogs near Doncaster. 


Mike is a northern lad who was brought up with a very strong military family history. His grandfathers, father and brother all served in the British Army.


His mother was a nurse so it was no surprise when Mike joined the Army as a trainee nurse in 1978. Everyone expected him to do just that.


Having served a long and eventful career in the army as a military nurse where he specialised in Orthopaedics, Mike eventually retired from the army in 2004 to settle down with his wife Di and their family of Bernese mountain dogs.


His passion for the Great War started at an early age and his middle name follows a family tradition of naming the boys after the great uncles who served in WW1. He is named Michael Charles after his Great Uncle who fell in Flanders in 1915. In Mike his memory lives on.


Mike's only son went on to follow in his fathers footsteps as a nurse but decided against a career in the military.


Writing his first novel "The Long Shot" in 2014 came as much as a surprise to him as to those around him. However, it surprised no one who read it that the story of two opposing snipers in World War One became a bestseller.


The much anticipated sequel "A Shot From The Shadows" was released in March 2016. This second book also cleared the shelves.

Demand was so high for more that now there is "An Echo In Time"prequel and an ending to the trilogy. All three books are stand alone in their own right, but together they tell the full story.

Now, it's time for a new chapter and "Dust In The Blood" sees us in 1919 and the coal mines of Lancashire. 

The same band of brothers who lived and died in the coal mines had already survived the war to end all wars. Their war was underground and their mission was to undermine the enemy. "Lochnagar Zero Hour" tells the story of one of the biggest mines ever dug. The tunnellers lived and died in a dark and dangerous world where one mistake would prove fatal. Only the bravest went there and only the best survived it. 



Michael Atherton