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Very quickly you have a feel for the characters and their history, they take on a life of their own. The story has feeling and shows the emotions these soldiers would have had to deal with in such an unbelievable situation. It is fast moving, detailed and very enjoyable, worth every penny, I just wish it was longer!

Fiona Cunningham

From the first time I picked this up it was apparent the author has a detailed in depth knowledge of his subject. It is written in a manner which transports the reader back in time to the dark days of WW I. I thoroughly enjoyed this, the authors first novel and look forward to reading more of his offerings.

Mark Dodson

Drawn into the war to end all wars, this book seamlessly drew me in, captured my imaginagion and then left me asking for more.
One of the best books ive read in the last few years.

Paula Thorpe

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