A Shot From The Shadows (2016)

A Shot From The Shadows (2016)

A Shot From The Shadows’ see’s Albert Hagerman caught up in the dark world of political uncertainty in a demoralised and beaten Germany. The Nazi party is in its infancy but it already shows signs of being a ruthless and murderous organisation. 

In London people are noticing that the path to conflict is looking like it might become a highway for the great nations of Europe to be dragged into another war. If it is to be avoided they must convince the main party, the Nazi party to toe the line. To do this they have to convince its leader Adolf Hitler, and get him to see sense. Jack Adams and Albert Hagerman are sent to collect him from the heartland of this new Nazi party.

Nobody expects it to be easy but the rewards are too important to leave any stone unturned, and any action to ensure the meeting takes place is authorised. In modern day France an old Commonwealth War Grave collapses into a previously unknown bunker. What the recovery team discover causes a ripple in the modern day
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    Paperback: 325 pages

    Publisher: Michael Atherton 

    Date Released: February 2016


    ISBN-13: 9781785891823