An Echo In Time (2018)

An Echo In Time (2018)

Charles Atherton is a soldier in the 20th Hussars. When WW1 starts, he and his friends in the regiment are sent to France as part of the British Expeditionary Force. Within a few days they have had a contact with the enemy and come off second best. The realisation that things aren’t as they should be hits everyone hard.


One hundred years after the event, his great nephew has a series of very detailed and involved dreams about his ancestor’s fight. It is so real he thinks he might be going mad, he isn’t. These dreams are real and the more he has of them, the more he realises something inside him is changing. His life is like ‘An Echo In Time’ but the reason why remains a mystery.


This is the story of how one man’s war. Shared with his horse and the men he would fight with  the everyday routine of fighting a war no one expected. Horses and cavalry are both outdated and obsolete and yet both sides are keen to use them. 


The climax reveals the history of the family and the reason the dream was so much more than a nighttime phenomena.