Lochnagar Zero Hour

Lochnagar Zero Hour

During WW1, life in the trenches was almost unendurable - daily bombardments, cramped conditions, the stench, the mud - and under the trenches, in tunnels, in subterranean battles, death was never far away.

Miners from Britain were sent to Flanders and the Somme to dig tunnels to the German front lines, where they laid huge mines to blow up the enemy trenches, with devastating effect.

Burrowing under No Man’s Land, the enemy equally expert in such work,

a deadly game ensued, as miners from the 179th tunnelling company

dug out the huge ‘Lochnagar’ mine.

If successful, they would have a catastrophic effect on the German lines;

if discovered, it meant certain death, deep underground.

This book tells the story of the mission to plant the biggest mine ever,

in the midst of the carnage and chaos of war.