The Long Shot (2014)

The Long Shot (2014)

The 'Long Shot' is set in WW1. Jack Adams and Jim Cunningham are friends and work as gamekeepers on an estate in Derbyshire. One a natural shot the other with an intuitive gift for observation. The Great War has already started when a chance meeting with a serving officer on leave introduces them to a new kind of warfare, sniping. The Germans are already experts in this deadly game of marksmanship and the British are losing men at an alarming rate, something needs to be done urgently. Working as a team in the battlefields of France and Belgium the two men quickly make a name for themselves. Jack becomes notorious, or heroic depending on which side you are on. He is a wanted man, dead rather than alive. Circumstance and events lead Jack to be the hunted rather than the hunter and the man charged with hunting him is an older, and wiser German sniper named Albert, he too has a bounty on his head but this time by the British.
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    Paperback: 284 pages

    Publisher: Michael Atherton 

    Date Released: October 2014

    ISBN-10: 0993064507

    ISBN-13: 978-0993064500