A sad day for all fans of creativity in the arts

What a sad start to the day we had this morning, learning that the music legend that is David Bowie has passed away reminds us all of a certain age of our own mortality. RIP David Bowie, a massive loss to the whole of the creative arts.

I also read an article today of the young people both men and women, British and German who lost their lives 100 years ago in the name of duty. It is hard for us today to imagine the men sat on boats having just escaped the hell that was Gallipoli and counting the cost, it was a hell of a price.

The thing that always strikes home is the sheer lack of age, they were so young, but of course as George Bernard Shaw so rightly pointed out “Youth is wasted on the young” and as we get older we realise the wisdom of age. When we were young we were also invincible or so we thought.

Celebrate today with a cup of tea because we managed to outlive youth!

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