Having never kept a diary...

Having never been one for keeping a diary this "blog" world is proving to be a bit of a challenge. What do you say to all the people who read it, most I have never met ?

So today, I am going to ask a question, please forgive me for its bluntness. Why are all the new people who are 'liking' my page not reading the books? Surely the books are the whole reason that they took the time to read my FB and webpage is because they are interested in the books and the subject matter therein?

Now please don't get me wrong, I'm delighted that people are interested in me at all and by far the biggest group of new likes are from the USA but not any one part, all over the USA. I'm fascinated by it all if not just a tad bewildered. The whole purpose of the webpage for me is a two way thing, I really want to hear back from people, as far as I'm aware you can leave comments etc (i'll check with my social media guru, Sara but I think you can) so come on say hello, ask me things so I can answer, buy The Long Shot and then you can ask even more!

Have a great day world, and go buy the book.... I'll be watching


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