I am to Twitter as Jabba the Hut is to diets

Twitter it would appear is down today, its server has crashed and no twits or tweets are being uploaded. Could it be that there is a new user who is so popular that it has crashed the whole shooting match?

Sara, (my excellent marketing geek) has opened an account for me on twitting but I'm older than a fossil so new technologies such as Twitter are always going to be a challenge. My friends all tell me it is the way forward and at some stage I will learn all about the finer points of twitting or tweeting or whatever we do on a tweet! Some of my friends have chosen to follow me, I have looked but they are masters of concealment and not a sign can I see.

I have also had to think about a couple of prizes for the new competition to accompany the book launch, there will be a signed first edition but the big prize will be the FIRST book of the First edition signed and authenticated, this is normally kept by the author but for this book it's going to be the first prize, worth..... Not much but invaluable as a keepsake.

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