Lost German U-boat found, 100 years on! Watch out Norfolk!

In yesterdays news, the wreck of a World War One German U-boat has been discovered off the coast of Norfolk.

The find occured when scans from windfarm developers showed the submarine lying about 55 miles (90km) east of Caister-on-Sea.

The sunken vessel was a U-31, 58 metres long in size, reportedly went missing in January 1915 and there was reason to believe it had been struck a mine in the North Sea and thus sank.

On board was a crew of 35 men, all of which died on board. This is an important discovery as it's whereabouts was not known until now.

A diving team from Lamlash North Sea Diving recorded clear footage of the U-boat lying on the seabed at a depth of 98ft (30m). The wreck of U-31 will remain in its final resting place, as an official military maritime grave.

History reports that of these, three surrendered and eight sank. The whereabouts of two of those that sank - including U-31.

For those who are not history buffs, the U-31 was the first of 11 Type U-31 submarines to be commissioned by the Imperial German Navy between 1912 and 1915.

In World War One, the Germans had a total of 375 submarines in their fleet each ranging 8,000 nautical miles.

The life of a submariner in the German Navy would require those employed to spend around five days war patroling with a a limited 72 hours air supply. Approximately 17,000 men served on board these subs with 5,100 of those which lost thier lives.

Above the video I found on YouTube of the Sub discovery.

It is truly amazing when history is resurfaced (literally) as it highlights the realness of World War One and the various weapons used!

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