Apparently I have over a hundred twits!

The reason I became a writer in the first place is the grave on the right. Known unto God but not just God, the guy on the left died with him, he knew him they died on the same day from the same shell along with two mates. Cpl Stanesby, Pte's Atherton, Clarke and Miles all died on the 2nd May 1915 one big bang and it was over, one shell. Tragic.

I pretty well dedicated a huge chunk of my life to finding out why my middle name is Charles and who he was and after a lot of work, many visits to France and Belgium and hours and hours of research we found 2 of them. At worst theres a 33% chance the grave on the right is Charles Atherton but who knows?

I will over the next few weeks revisit this post and let those that are interested know how and why we think its our fallen family lain in the ground but the truth is it really doesn't matter because he belongs to someone.

Other news, I have over a hundred people following me on twitter! if I only knew the very first thing about it then I would be awesome but seeing as i know nothing about twitting, tweeting or any such thing then my able and erstwhile Sara will keep it tickerty boo.

Have a safe day, make coffee, love and something to eat.......Thats a great day


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