Life and a familiar ring

Its been a couple of days since I sat and blogged, to be honest not much has happened in the world of an aspiring author, well that is until last night when I drank too much. I know for some of you reading this it might be a shock because I dont actully drink as a rule. Last night was the exception. Two bottles of red wine and a couple of bottles of port between a great friend and myself, its taken its toll. I'm done, beaten, never again...

So tonight is a quiet night in the Atherton household, tea is the drink of the day and tonight I am listening to an old classic 'Tubular Bells' it's awesome; and just as last night a million memories come flooding back. If you have the album, its time to dust it off and introduce your kids to it, they are going to look at you like you look at them when they play that noise they love to call music! it'll be a total role reversal, how good is that going to feel?

I'm seriously chilled now, I love writing and as i'm sat here at my desk i'm looking at a very nice bottle of port..... Maybe just one

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, be safe and I'll see you soon.


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