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This week has been a shocker for a number of reasons. First and foremost for the UK followers of this blog must be the sad passing of a childhood legend, Sir Terry Wogan was a radio and TV legend and will be very sadly missed.

The other huge shock is the number of people that the competition post has reached, 3206 is a massive number for a guy like me. Don't get me wrong i'm delighted and flattered and definitely humbled, I don't think I actually know 3206 people! Still I am delighted that so many people are interested keep it up.

I wanted to offer a prize that people might really want, very difficult when budgets are small and everybody seems to have 'material stuff' coming out of their ears, so I thought what doesn't normally get offered so we came up with the brainstorm idea of giving the authors copy to the winner. Thats a cracking prize and certainly one worth the effort of a simple 'like' on Facebook.

The book is at the printers, I think they might be doing them one at a time because it seems to be taking forever to get them here... never fear they are on the way and a super launch should be arranged, who knows you might even want a book signing near you, just give either Sara or myself a shout, we will do the rest.

So finally a couple of huge "Thank You's" One for Sir Terry, for keeping me entertained for 40 years and another to you for making my dreams come true, thank you.

Stay safe and give someone a hug a stranger might appreciate it and the police will understand..

Mike x

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