Oh, the cost of fame.

Today we see me a broken man, all my money has been spent the publisher wants his pound of meat and because it's important for me to get it right for you, I gave 500 grams (which is slightly more than a pound!)

But am I downtrodden,, no of course not. I'm Mike Atherton, all round good egg and cheerful Charlie, friend to the masses and dependant on my wife to give me some spending money. Maybe I should become a gigolo but its cold outside and if we're honest there wouldn't be a queue.

So we wait, tick tock tick tock the book should be here in 3 weeks just in time for Saint Davids day so maybe a Welsh theme? Who knows. Then there's the launch party, where and when and who do I invite, apart from you obviously, thats a given.

Funnily enough I'm not worried about sales of the book, it'll either fly of the shelves or it wont but in time all the copies will be gone and the next chapter will be written ready for the whole worry of will it wont it to start again.

Have a wonderful day, a lovely weekend and stay safe and warm, until next time,

Mike x

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