How did you do it?

Shhhh, can you keep a secret? I'm going to tell you something amazing, after reading this blog today You will be able to do something so amazing your friends are going to ask you how did you do that?

Well, er actually i'm not really going to tell you anything you dont already know, but before you slam the lid down on your lap top or throw something at your monitor, let me expand on what I mean.

I'm asked on average three times a day How did you do that? Write a book let alone two! well there isn't a secret and I can certainly tell you it isn't difficult. It is different I'll grant you and yes it takes a certain amount of desire to want to write it; but it isn't difficult. As Christopher Hitchens said "Everybody has a book inside them" the second half of that particular quote is "But in most cases that's where it should stay" never a truer word but what if that book is inside you? Surely you want to tell it, the story, dont you? Well I did anyway.

Writing a book can be as natural as you like or as formulated as you want it to be, I tend to go with natural. I dont plan a frame work, I do have a list of characters most of who I know very well, they are my friends from over the years and tongue in cheek I list certain characteristics from those people. So you see, it's easy. Find a story you want to tell, then find the friends you know and there is your cast. All you have to do now is write it, your story; Go on have a go its loads of fun and you might surprise yourself. When that book is sat on your bookcase with your name on it remember this because thats how you do it...

Stay safe and be happy, you could have my mother in law, count your blessings.

Mike x

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