Resist the urge, it's just not that easy sometimes

When it's a diet or when its cake or in my case pies, resistance is easy, I just dont! Despite all the evidence to support a healthy lifestyle and good diet I'm a bit hopeless at sticking to diets. But today there is new kid in town in the form of temptation and to be honest I dont think I'm going to be able to resist it for long. This seductress and ner do well of a temptress has come in the form of.... I want to start writing the next book! Now this was never in the plan, 'The Inheritance' is still supposed to be in the deepest resess of my somewhat muddled brain. Granted it has popped into mind on more than one occation but last night it was starting to take shape, to the point that the first words came into my head as clear as day. "They say in dreams you cant smell, I could; I can describe it for you right now. The musky sweet smell of the sweating horse is vivid in my mind. As I ran my hand over the hot flesh of his neck this excited animal chewed on his bit and slaver ran down his lips bright frothy green where he had been eating the grass. He threw his head back and smelled the morning air" Now dont hold me to those exact words, they might change but history shows me that they dont tend to. In a couple of weeks the latest book will be on my desk but I'm loving the idea that number three is already presenting in a rather lumbering labour....

Have a great weekend

Mike x

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