Let the fun begin

According to the people at Atherton HQ its time to have some fun. I dont know if I do fun very well? I try, but then life gets in the way and I become all serious and "puff" the fun's gone, and it's my fault.

Well let me tell you, not today buddy bear, today I'm going to have fun, I'm also going to have haggis and mash and then theres a fair to middling chance of pancakes. I know, WILD..

But hang on, why? I can almost hear it on the air. Well because of a number of reasons

1. This time next week, A Shot From The Shadows should be here in the house, time to get the orders in the post.

2. I'm a very lucky guy, admittedly a bit thick but always back a lucky guy over a bright guy.

3. People are genuinely really looking forward to the release of this next book, and much as I hate to admit it, I'm really very chuffed about that, the old ego is well and truly brushed.

4. Finaly I love pancakes,

If you haven't pre ordered a copy of the book, please do so asap. It'll make me me feel a lot more secure...

Stay safe and warm, until next time.

Mike x

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