Oh, I hate waiting...

There are a very few things I'm ok at, waiting isn't one of them and although I know that even as I type the first 500 copies of A Shot From The Shadows are clanking away at the printers, I'm still having to wait.

Now there are things I could be getting on with I know, the housework always needs a bit, you know, just to help out.

Then there is the current marketing strategy, book signings to arrange, and locations to visit. Stands to order and collect as well as a public charm offensive but frankly I'm pants at waiting. "They'll be ready next week" say the printers but they have no idea what its like just sit and wait. So...... I'm going to eat cake.

Have some cake, and like me just wait... It's a rubbish way to waste time.

Stay safe, and warm

Mike x

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