Exciting times, ordering and spending !

Now it starts, today we have started to spend more money on marketing material such as 'pop ups' and posters. It's now that it starts to become a reality that the finished book is only a few days away, hopefully this time next week the first 500 books will be here ready for dispatch.

Now I start looking at the book signings we have already got and look to see if we can go anywhere else? who knows, you might want one in your town? All you have to do is find a venue such as a good coffee shop or indeed a book shop (good luck with that though lol) I am a simple soul and will travel to most places.

The current Mrs Atherton is busy sorting out clothes for the signings, different shirts and chino's pressed. Shoes polished theres a real feeling of "It starts now"

Have a great weekend, Stay safe and warm..

Mike x

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