He's only gone and done it!

Well, well he's only gone and done it. Thanks to you the most precious of things, fan, customers, followers, call them what you will, for me you are just inspirational, the reason I write.

Thats not bull crap, its fact. When I started to write the first book it was only published because people wanted to read it. Now we are considered a proper author because there are 2 books... who knew

So heres the thing, you need to buy a book now, liking a Facebook page is one thing but actually buying a book, finding time to read it then telling others that then is really success.

So now we will have a draw and pull a name from a hat, the prize is the authors copy signed and authenticated as such. It is a prize worth having.

Finally a huge thank you, bigger than that a man hug from a bear. We never had this for "The Long Shot" so we are already starting from a point much further along the process. I need to have a lay down already.

Have a great weekend, stay safe and again Thanks xx

Mike x

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