And the winner is!!!

Well the results are in, this here fanpage karma winner picker has done its work and selected a winner: The winner is.... Drum Roll


Congratulations Beverley i'm delighted you have won and thank you for your support in the competition as indeed to you all, all 352 of you. The Authors copy of the book will be winging its way to you in due course.

I do understand that some people will be disappointed that they didn't win, please don't be, come and see me at a book signing and i'll make it up to you in any way I can. We have only a few days now until the first books are dispatched for the early orders. Theres not much left for me to worry about apart from the obvious and that is that you all love it as much as the first book!

I've never had a 'fan base' which according to the publisher is what you are, its very humbling and for those of you that know me, you can imagine it's very strange. Still gratitude is the overwhelming emotion, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Standby for sales talk as from Friday....

Stay safe and warm,

Mike x

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