Woo Hoo, It's here, It's here!!

Well bugger me with a large tree branch, after all the waiting and posting and blogging, etc etc it's finally here. At last.

There is no doubt it has been a journey, and true enough not an altogether bad one i've enjoyed all of it (apart from the waiting) and now we have to turn the page and start a new chapter, (see what I did there!) Now we start on the selling and reviews and in many ways thats as much fun as the writing and production of the book in the first place.

To date we have confirmed 3 book signings, The first is at a garden centre restaurant, nice coffee and nicer cake, the second is at a cracking little coffee and cake shop, (notice a theme here?) The third is at a Costa coffee and clothing outlet. So i'm already looking forward to those.

The first orders will be sent out at the weekend and tomorrow sees the dispatch of the first prize in the competition, so all in all it's going to be a great weekend.

Stay safe and warm, order a good book perhaps.... Theres a cracker just released...

Mike x

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