First review for A Shot From The Shadows..

Isn't it typical, I waffle on in my blog only to find five minuets later that someone really does have something of real value to say.

The first review of the new book is just in, Given that the reader only had the book since yesterday it speaks volumes that he has read it and even found time to send this review.

Martin Dursley

A cracking good read and totally enthralling. Well thought out and I only put the book down for another cup of tea for refreshment . Really enthused for the warmth and strength of the main characters. An excellent read and have suggested as a good read to friends of course they need to buy their own copy. Best wishes for every success with the book. Look forward to another book in the future?

Thank you Martin, I'm humbled.


ps Please feel free to send me your reviews (whatever they say) Its really the only feedback we ever get.

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