The reviews are coming in..

The thing about writing a book is that its just a load of words unless someone reads them and better still enjoys that process. So I am in serendipity tonight because the first group of people have finished reading and have bothered to tell other people what they thought of the book. Dangerous times, but not tonight because the reviews that A Shot From The Shadows are getting are fantastic. I am over the moon so thank you everyone for taking that time. Leave them on Amazon because once we get 50 things change at the Amazon end and they start to take you seriously. It's a gift from you to me! Speaking of gifts I'm reminded of a promise an old WW1 soldier made to his son before he went to war. It goes something like this;

"Dad will you bring me home one of those German helmets with the point on top?"

" Aye lad, i'll look out for one for you" and so the promise was made.

It came to pass that the father was looking out over the trench on morning, over the mud and wire, and there in the distance just sticking up in the mud was the very helmet he wanted. He climbed over the top and slowly crawled his way through the thick mud until he reached the helmet. He grabbed hold of the point and pulled, it hardly moved so he gave it a harder tug. To his surprise it was still attached to a German soldier and as he pulled the German said "its my helmet, please help get me out of the mud!" well father said he would help the German get out as long as when he did the German gave him his helmet, it was all agreed so the father pulled and pulled. It was back breaking work and eventually the German was out as far as his shoulders. Father said " Its no good Fritz, I'm knackered here, I've been pulling for ages" The German said "Would it help, if I took my feet out of the stirrups !!

Have a great week, Stay safe and remember the reviews on Amazon

Mike x

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