Oh What Fun Blogging is, (but it dont pay the bills)

Well I suppose it had to end sometime, and by end I really mean something else, it's all a mystery to me.

Since we started the blogs oh some yonks ago, they have been keenly anticipated and read with gusto, and if I'm honest I love writing them so today is harder because I'm going to slow down on "Blogging"

You see Blogging is supposed to be three things, 1. A sales tool

2. A way to entertain and

3. A way to pass on information and wit!

I have to confess I dont think we have sold one book because of the blog so, a huge fail in that box.

Oh we have entertained, there is no doubt people who read it (the blog) love it so maybe a B+ on that score.

Now as for information and wit maybe not so much, a C at best. So out of the three the best we can manage is a B, frankly I dont do Bs its not enough so this is going to be the last blog for a bit. Its time to return to the day job. I love being an author and I'm frankly shocked that anyone would even want to read my books so I'm chuffed to little Naafi breaks that people genuinely want to read them. Long may it continue, if you really want the blog fix I will try to do one a week, we'll see how it goes.

Stay safe and spread the word.

Mike x

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