So Cheesy it should be called Cheddar!

Well you will no doubt be delighted to know the bills are paid, so I can afford time to Blog (its a secret passion really, we all need a hobby) I wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter but it involves loads of chocolate and guilt and well; we all have our crosses to bear (see what I did there!)

I also wanted to say thank you for continuing to read my blog and buy my books, some people who have just bought the first book The Long Shot have really enjoyed it and it gives me shivers to think they still have the second book to read.

So the best news is, book 3 has STARTED !!! it will be called 'Inheritance' and the concept is very exciting for me as the author. It sees us back in the trenches of WW1 with a unique view. It again will be heavy on fact and the battles we are going to explore were real and so are the characters, in fact much closer than I have written before so its exciting.

Have a great Easter, enjoy the eggs and try not to be sick..

Be safe

Mike xx

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