I have a peculiar feeling

And so it begins, the start of a new journey lord knows the last journey isn't even done yet but time and tide wait for no man.

So to work on book 3 "Inheritance" sees us back in the trenches of WW1 and if i'm honest this is personal. This book will tell a different story to Jack and Albert, a different type of war. Mark this day in your calendar because for the next couple of months i'm going to be busy, I might even go to France this time and have a look see at some of the things I'm writing about. For those of you that have read the two previous books I trust you will let me have a mental wander, spread the word though we have loads of books to sell and I mean loads! Ah well time for a quick coffee then off to work. Its Easter Sunday as well but when the bug bites you have to write and my arse has been bitten...

Have a great day enjoy your easter eggs, I hope you dont feel sick after.

Stay Safe, and today of all days God Bless.

Mike xx

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