What did you think, lets review that!

Well that all went well, ish. I always wanted a big Mac but this bad boy doesn't come with fries it comes with a headache a fair bit of bad language some outright cursing but..... it's all good in the tower tonight. 27 inches is quite large even for Mr Leavis (private joke) titter away. Thank you Mr Apple, very helpful people, just saying

You may well be interested seeing as you are reading my blog that sales are going well but and it's a big but (no puns, please.. oh go on maybe just the one) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a review on Amazon just type in A Shot From The Shadows and leave a review. For a writer it's so important to help with further sales and exposure to a new audience. Once you get past 50 reviews Amazon goes into a meltdown, it's just a bit useful... a bit !!

The new book is very exciting but defiantly requires a trip to France to follow a route, I so need a passenger all volunteers please just email, there is a spare seat in the old jalopy.

Has Spring finally arrived? It's a lovely evening here in old blighty .

Have a great weekend

Go do a review, please.

Be safe

Mike x

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