Not dead, just busy!

I'm not dead, but there is some serious concern for my wellbeing there needn't be i'm in glorious health.

I am however as busy as a busy thing on a particularly busy day because working with veterans is a full time job and I only do it for three days a week. It has been a wonderful learning experience and very very humbling. Some of the men (and women) I meet have had such a huge journey from being in the services to being out of them and settling down into being a civilian, by comparison my journey was easy. I was asked yesterday by a man who is only 28 how should he start to write his life story, he was so convinced it would be a wonderful and interesting story. Seeing as its what I do why shouldnt I help him? Because he thinks I'm an author, but i've met an author this week, and I only think I am after all I've managed two books but Nigel McCready has written hundreds of screen plays such as Silent Witness and The Kings Men, he is a writer. It made me realise, we see greatness in other people but never much in ourselves. So I'm going to help him write his life story, it IS interesting and he will be a great writer, well he will in my eyes because I do know its just not as easy as we think. Every journey starts with that first step but its a good thing to remember where you started and better still to remember the people who stayed with you on the journey.

Be safe

Mike xx

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