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When writing a novel you do it for two reasons. 1. Make money, or 2. you have a story to tell For me, my reason when penning 'The Long Shot' was choice two and fortunately it was well received, by my friends and then by the public. Despite all the good and very well received comments, there are a group of people that can stop you dead in your tracks and for some never to start again. This group of readers DO have an axe to grind, they are the keepers of standards and their standards are very high. This group are feared, truly, by every writer including JK and the best of them. This group is called the critics and they read and report for the different publishers that we all dream about getting a contract from. With a great deal of trepidation, I let my marketing guru, Sara, send my work off to Pen and Sword. Pen and Sword are not any old publisher but the most respected military publishers for Warfare Magazine! Pooh!! why did I do that?? They could destroy me with one review, BUT guess what... they didn't and not by any stretch.

The Long Shot has been described as:


Full of Action

Highly Recommended


Easy to Read I would like to say a huge thank you to Milly Wonford at the Pen and Sword for your kind words and feedback, as well as your further comments made on your own personal blog. I anxiously await your review of 'A Shot From The Shadows'.


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