Is it just me?

I Know, I Know, I'm being irrational, it's my creative nature, dont forget I am a nurse and we are very sensitive people. I can't help but think what a brilliant thing that there review was, it left me reeling to be honest, I didn't expect that. But the truth is I should have expected that and then when I say those last few words I start to worry again. Am I getting ahead of myself? Am I getting big headed!

The truth is of course not, The Long Shot was my first book and, as has been proved it wasn't half bad, as far as I'm aware everyone bar one guy loved it and the common consensus of opinion is that he was a dick. It was the brilliant reviews from the people that read it that encouraged me to write A Shot From The Shadows and, so far it seems to have been as well if not better received than the first offering, I still need more reviews on Amazon and urge those that have read the book and can to please write one, even if it's just to make an old jelly belly like me more settled in his old age.

So there it is again, that little devil of doubt sat on my shoulder, the lady who read and reviewed the long shot is now reading and is going to review A Shot From The Shadows... the nerves have started again!

Have a great weekend

Stay safe

Mike xx

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