Sundays are always like this:

There are many things I love about my life, the list is nearly endless; I am very lucky. Part of my other life the one away from writing books and entertaining you guys is my role with the charity Care after Combat, A truly inspiring and totally worthwhile thing to commit time to. I spend a lot of time with ex-servicemen who have fallen foul of the criminal justice system and find themselves inside Her Majesties prisons, I'll be honest, it's an eye opener. My role is to help them find their feet and give them a heads up about making good and bad choices. Now this is the sort of thing you do everyday and dont perhaps even think about it but these lads have made bad choices and maybe not always knowing why. So my job is to help them along the way to good choices. I'm surrounded by great people who are passionate about what we do, it's totally humbling. Every now and again I find I have time to think how my path has sometimes been close to the edge and I have no doubt some of yours have been the same (Jim Cunningham, take note... yours has crossed the line many many times!) but we made good choices.

Today I am bored at home, its been too wet overnight to play golf and writing the next book is going very well, its just, well today i'm bored and bored means time to reflect. I am so very lucky to have great friends, great family, a future grandchild in just a few weeks and a new book already underway. Time today to smell the flowers.

Be safe and thanks for being on my journey with me.

Mike xx

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