Book Signing, How exciting!

What a week! First we celebrate a Queen but we lose a Prince, then as if thats not enough we have an order for cake and coffee at WALKERS GARDEN CENTRE on MONDAY for the first in a small tour of book signings. So as you can imagine i'm more excited than a giddy thing but wait! theres more still...Once thats done I'm going to visit our Care after Combat offices in Wales, its mad but life is very very busy but I love it. It does help that the ever dependable Di is holding the fort. Then It's time for thinking about a wonderful trip or two to France, research is a bitch isn't it! Wine is on the books, as is some great food and then great company so happy days. Dont forget if you are in the Doncaster area on Monday come and have a coffee and cake and chat to me in my other Job, I am really quite giddy!

Be safe and happy, see you on Monday

Mike xx

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