Apparently I need to up my game!

Did you know it was 98 years ago this week that the notorious Red Baron was killed? on the 21st April 1918 he was shot down and died. He was buried with full military honours by the British including flowers and pall bearers and a full salute. That was because he was respected by his enemies as a great warrior.

In The Long Shot Jack and Albert are afforded a similar salute because the 'other side' respected their bravery. Tonight I have been taught another very valuable lesson by Sara, the marketing Guru, apparently people are taking a peek at the webpage but then move on within a couple of seconds! why click on it and not read it??

So I have to up my game a bit and make my blogs both more interesting and more relevant so I am going to give it a go!

If for any reason you haven't read The Long Shot you can buy it on the webpage!product-page/

or you could buy it from

And you might like to tell everyone about A Shot From The Shadows because its a cracking book.... just ask warfare magazine.

So there we have it, I am rollicked (and I cleaned that up)

Be safe

Mike x


To get your copy of 'A Shot From The Shadows' by Michael Atherton, please visit!product-page/

Alternative, you can purchase on Amazon

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