And then his tooth fell out!

So there we where, the stand all set up lovely, 'pop ups' in place and books on the desk. Outside the Great British public were waiting to catch a glimpse of their new favourite author, there was quite a queue. Some people were waiting just because there was a queue and didn't really know why or who they were waiting to see.

Inside we could hear the hustle and bustle of the expectant crowd "Do you think he's here yet?" asked one lady "Will he have a photo taken with me?" asked another. As we sat girding our loins ready for the frantic onslaught we drank a final coffee and ate our panini; then it happened...The crown that has pretended to be my front tooth for nearly ten years snapped, SNAPPED!!

I now have a hole you hide my arse in and it's right there at the front of my mouth. There were no photos, and although I can smile, its a little Mona Lisa tight lipped smile more reminiscent of a grimace.

So thank you to the people who came to the book signing and thank you twice for not asking why I looked like I had a large broom handle stuck up where the sun doesn't shine, now you know why.. I have been to visit the fang farrier today, he tells me my tooth will be fixed and a new crown fitted AT THE END OF JUNE!!!

So keep smiling, even if it is a grimace

Stay safe


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