The problem with the clock!

The truth is I need my eyes testing but that would be a pathetic blog so i'll tell you what happened....

When I awoke this morning I knew something was wrong, it has, if I'm honest been a difficult week. First the lady of the house is absent (sunning herself in the USA) and I had a disappointing review and yes I know its only one persons opinion but I am only human and no one like to be disappointed, but I was and there it is.

So I did something I love doing, I go to work. I like it there, and I enjoy working for a great charity but thats a slightly different blog and best saved for another day.

So back to this morning, the barely open eyes glanced over at the digital clock on the dressing table and already the sun is bright and daylight is very bright, thats what it is! the clock said 08:15, now I go to work at 08:15 (when I do go that is, sometimes I work from home!!) I was shocked I had slept in and like the olympic sprinter I am shot off to the bathroom for a quick shower and shave I dressed and rushed to let the dogs out for a wee and breakfast... On reflection the first clue that something was amiss was right there, Purdy was still asleep, I thought she was dead, turns out not to be the case,,, All dogs fed and I go to grab my car keys and see the clock on the cooker....06:34 I checked my watch...06:34 Kitchen clock...06:34... Now I cant actually type what I said for censorship and decency rules but it started with What The ****

But heres the thing, its really nice at 06:34 its quiet and fresh, so all in all not the worst mistake I ever made, compared to sending the book for a review for instance was much worse but we must soldier on because thats what we do!!

Be Safe

Mike xx

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