Two Massive events happened on this day..

May the 7th is a day of huge importance and yet most people dont even know what happened.

There are two major events to remember one a commemoration the other a celebration, Ying and Yang

The first to be mentioned is the tragic sinking of the RMS Lusitania, sunk with the loss of over a 1200 souls by a german torpedo launched from U20. This attack pushed America further towards joining in WW1, a disaster on a similar scale to the Titanic, indeed there are many similarities between the two.

Then the second event of huge importance, especially to me is this chancer sleeping it off in Ypres. For those of you who have read The Long Shot you will be familiar with him, this is Jim Cunningham and he is as near a brother to me as any man. Today sees him at 55 years young and I can unashamedly tell the world I love him but maybe not quite as much as Di does! He was our best man at our wedding and continues to be my best man all these years later. Happy birthday Jim, here's to new adventures in the future and how we have survived this long constantly evades me..

Have a great day everybody, spread the word book sales are steady and I could do with them being more exciting!

Stay safe

Mike xx

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